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If you’ve ever been lucky enough to witness the healing power of touch in action, or just felt close to others as they practiced together, you might consider finding a local studio with an abundance of Yoga studios. Each location was born locally. From a small flower-filled field, to a spacious courtyard, from a single Yoga class to over a decade of community building, your neighboring yogis did it all. Find an inspiring Yoga near you today.

In Guadalajara, Mexico there is the Banyan Tree, which is a beautiful ancient tree that still serves as a sacred focal point. You can walk the path from the parking lot directly onto the sacred Banyan tree. Banyan Tree creates balance and sustains the ecosystem. There are many more ancient trees here, including the Serra tree, which is one of the oldest trees in the Western Hemisphere and has a calming, peaceful sound like rushing water.

Puebla has a wealth of information, which is presented in a very interesting way, at their Seville de la Vida Park. They have an interactive nature trail that will take you deep into the city, where you can mingle with the local vendors and tour the many neighborhoods. There are many Yoga studios and Yoga Near Me schools near Seville de la Vida Park. For even more cultural exploration, try the Acapulco tour buses, which will take you around all the cultural points of interest.

In Playa del Carmen, Mexico, you can choose from two options. One is the Sea Blue Yoga studio, which has an indoor/outdoor setting, and the other is the La Habana club, which has an outdoor courtyard, with beautiful landscaping. The Sea Blue Yoga studio is not as large as the Habana, so there are many spaces to work in, and it is much quieter. La Habana is the ideal studio if you want peace and quiet, but you do not have to worry about finding parking, since there are plenty of free spots. Both of these yoga centers offer all levels of yoga, so whether you just need to get some relaxing, or you are ready for the advanced stages of yoga, you will find something in either of these nearby cities.

If you live close to Chihuahua Park, you might want to visit the Chihuahua Yoga Studio. It has studios in seven locations throughout the Park. These yoga studios are small and do not have class sizes, but many of them have one to one training with an experienced teacher. This is a great way to learn yoga if you do not yet have the time to travel to New York or other distant locations for yoga classes.

Are you curious about going to Mexico, but do not want to leave your home? Have no fear. There are still a number of options if you are in the mood to travel and practice yoga. One great option is visiting the Mayan ruins at Cusco. The ruins are near Acapulco and can be reached by taking a bus or train. The nearest studio is in Tulum, but it does close for a few days each month.