Why Real Estate Investors Use Skip Tracing

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Many real estate investors want to contact the property owners of distressed and undervalued properties, such as vacant buildings and empty lots. Skip tracing is typically used to find the correct mailing addresses and contact information for these property owners who may not be found at their last known address.
With this information gathered through skip tracing, some real estate investors start or continue direct mail campaigns to send potential offers to property owners. A direct mail campaign is a marketing technique where a person or business sends mail to a number of addresses. Real estate investors can use lists of skip traced property owners and their properties for these mailing campaigns. Skip traced property lists can include specific neighborhoods, zip codes, or even tax delinquent properties.
Skip Tracing For Real Estate can evaluate the potential of real estate deals based on the mail or calls they receive from property owners. During a mailing campaign, some of the mail sent to property owners may be returned and labeled as “return to sender” or “undeliverable.” In this case, there may still be potential for a real estate deal. If the property owner is difficult to find and contact, it is possible they are not receiving multiple offers to buy their property. This may lead to an exclusive deal with the real estate investor.
Skip tracing can give real estate investors an advantage in finding and making potentially lucrative real estate deals.