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When thinking about wine tour Tuscany, you may think of Italy or France, but Tuscany is also a great place for wine tours. Tuscany is an enigma for many people, because there are so many wine regions within its borders. Wine production in Tuscany is world renown, and several years ago wine was even considered a cash crop.
You can spend a fantastic day on one of many scheduled day tours that are planned around a particular range of wine estates to help give you an overall impression of the quality of contemporary to historical and large to small. Or you could opt to go on an all-inclusive private tour with a group of friends and family where you will plan a more detailed route around your favorite interests. Regardless of which direction you decide to take, you’ll be in paradise.
One of the top wine tour suggestions involves Tuscany villas. Within easy driving distance to major wine regions like Bordeaux, Burgundy and Chianti, Tuscany vacation rentals are ideal for taking in the beauty of this area. Many of the villas in the area are self-catering accommodations, meaning that you’ll have all the comforts of home while exploring the many cultural attractions of Tuscany.
And you can’t get more cultural than Tuscany’s cuisine. Local chefs serve up gourmet food at local restaurants, and many restaurants also offer wine samplers and pairing dinners that are designed to let your palate experience various flavors in wine with foods from the region.
Most Tuscany tours use the scenic Val d’Orcia as their starting point. The unique landscape of the Val d’Orcia is a combination of rolling hills, forests, mountain peaks and crystal clear waters. From there, you’ll head out to some of Tuscany’s most famous towns, like Florence and Siena, which you can also visit by car.
Then, take a hike or drive around the wine regions. Stop at farm shops, visit vineyards and wine tasting tours, or take part in the many wine tours that are available throughout the region. Once you’re done sampling your wines, head back to your Tuscany vacation rental and enjoy the many amenities that you enjoyed during your visit to Tuscany.