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Long term care is an innovative, non-medical approach to living in Asheville, North Carolina that offers a well-rounded, structured environment for senior adults to develop a base in their recovery and learn new skills to prepare them for independent living. The Long Term Care Center (LTC) provides onsite skilled nursing care in a comfortable, secure environment. A variety of services are offered in an effort to provide a holistic healthcare community. Senior communities are available to provide assistance with shopping, laundry, meals, medication reminders, transportation, medical calls, home visitation, and more. Senior inpatient care is also available.
Sober Living in Asheville, NC gives residents the resources they need to live a clean and balanced lifestyle while receiving inpatient care and 24-hour supervision. Sober Living in Asheville offers services for individuals who are in need of long term assistance with substance abuse or addiction, depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Services provided by Sober Living in Asheville include:
House recovery is an innovative, 12-step program that gives seniors the tools they need to stay in their own homes and maintain their independence. House recovery is a long-term program that involves individuals in an intensive four-step recovery process that helps them overcome dependency. This program requires strong leadership from both seniors and homeowners to foster participation and accountability at all levels of the recovery process. House recovery offers support through a network of caring, supportive partners who work together to meet the needs of each participant.
The Acworth Housewives’ Program (AHAP), founded in 1965, provides an array of supportive services for women over 50. The goal of the program is to provide an environment in which women can enjoy living as independently as possible while receiving the healthcare, support, and counseling they need to maintain a healthy, active life. Women who have reached the ages of sixty and over participate in the program, which is facilitated by licensed professionals, in house recovery specialists and by the community itself.
The mission of the Eastwood Place Senior Center is to provide a loving, supportive environment where senior adults can engage in meaningful activities. The center offers adult day programs and workshops as well as social events for adults of all ages. Services offered range from adult day activities to weekend get-togethers that are designed to meet the needs of seniors in the community who are struggling with addiction issues or other life transitions. In addition to the Eastwood Place Adult Care Program, the center offers other related programs and activities such as the GED Pathways Program, which has trained therapists to help participants identify and address alcohol and drug problems; the Senior Wellness Program, which helps participants make healthy choices throughout their senior years; Senior Summer Arts Program, which provides musical theater, dance classes and other live entertainment; and the Eastwood Arts Council, which provides resources to support and promote artistic careers in the area. With its focus on connecting people and communities, the center aims to empower seniors to lead a productive life as they transition to or leave their golden years behind.
Across the street from Sober Living in Asheville, NC is the John Lewis Center, which was named after civil rights leader and Democratic National Chairman John Lewis. The Center offers a variety of programs to benefit residents of the African American, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander communities. A major component of the Center’s programs is its Neighborhood Mobile Service, in which city residents attend neighborhood events as a group and mingle with others to exchange information. Participants also participate in community activities and treasure hunts as a way of building trust and community.