Learn to play the guitar chords (Kordgitar) the easy way

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Perhaps you think that learning to play the guitar is complicated or suitable only for the youngest, but I suppose you might be wrong. There is no age to begin to familiarize yourself with the six strings, and if, at first, it might seem excessively complicated, there are more and more tools that will make the task easier.
Being self-taught in this is not the most recommended. It is always better to put yourself in the hands of an expert who advises you and indicates the correct steps to progress satisfactorily. There are complete services that will help you play less time than you think, such as chordtela, a platform where you can easily learn to play your favorite songs.

Learn to play your favorite song with basic chords (chords dasar)

Many studies show that playing the guitar improves the gray matter in the brain, resulting in improved memory power. You already know that memory declines with age. The simple fact of having to memorize chords and scores will be a good exercise for your brain. If you think your memory is beginning to suffer, try playing the guitar, and you will soon see a significant improvement.
If you can read guitar chords (kord gitar) and sheet music, it’s good but not good enough to play the guitar. Your hands should be able to recreate those chords on the instrument and play the correct strings. This is possible only when your eyes and hands coordinate and work together. This coordination multiplies your ability to process things and makes you a better reader.

Find the guitar keys chords (chords kuncigitar) easier to play your favorite song

Ask any guitarist. For him, his guitar will always be his “happy place.” Playing the guitar demands your full attention and allows you to escape from the world and problems. Even a session of just 15 minutes can improve your mood like no other. Human beings function better when their minds are free from stress. A bad day? Your guitar will give you the company you need. You learn to express your emotions by touching them, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. It’s picking up the guitar, starting to play, and you’ll immediately notice it, even if it doesn’t sound perfect.