Keep Your Life Partner Forever With You – Turn Human Ashes Into Diamonds

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Could Human ashes be turned into a diamond?

The Body is 18% nickel and carbon is a carbon allotrope. Under a high-pressure and hightemperature condition generated artificially, human ashes or hair might be changed into a diamond of any purity as a customer’s requirement. Different color diamonds take different time to ready ranging from 20 to 65 days. Anybody can turn their loved one’s human ash human ashes into diamonds into diamonds.


• First of all of the client has to order a kit from which he’ll be submitting the ashes. The approach begins when the kit has been filed back.
• The human body is just 18% carbon. Thus the ashes have to be processed before beginning the process.
• The ashes are retained in an artificial environment that reproduces the natural states that result in gemstone formation. It requires about 3,000K temperature along with a 60,000 pub pressure.
• The bead formed is rough and graphite might get confusing together with all the diamond. It is polished by pros.
• The client can ask anything to write on the diamond and the inscription is going to be done utilizing a laser onto the cherry blossom.
• The diamond created can be put into almost any decoration that the client wants.

Exactly why Turn into diamonds?

Mothers, Wives, husbands, horses, or any other relative who’s close to a individual could wear their memorial may keep their memory alive forever. This also avoids the expense of burial and is very convenient to turn human ashes into diamonds.

Every Memorial pearl is passed to the client with a certification of Validity along with a scientific record that confirms that the bead has Been developed along with your loved ones remains. Moreover, any Part of diamond made from Human ash is retained in the records. It may be re-validated in institutes Independent certificate of the customer’s choice.