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Listening to music at work has a positive impact on the performance and motivation of workers if certain conditions are met. On the other hand, a British bank carried out an exercise through which it showed that, when listening to lively music, workers’ performance was 12.5% higher than when they did not listen to it. The advantage is that today your favorite music is fully within reach thanks to the Internet. You should only download mp3 from this site.
Several investigations have shown the advantages of listening to music at work, whether animated or instrumental. A study in Canada revealed that in the weeks that workers listened to music, they were 20% faster. Melodic sounds help motivate dopamine secretion in the brain’s reward area, which translates into improved mood, self-esteem, predisposition, and advantages to improve health.
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As far as concentration is concerned, according to experts, instrumental songs are excellent for concentration; between 15 and 30 minutes of listening is usually enough. Some people improve their performance by listening to music because it generates a dopamine substance, which helps to eliminate stress and associate work with something they value positively.
It doesn’t always work, there are exceptions, and it’s not worth playing music in any way, but according to work carried out by this research team, download mp3 can help achieve better results in professional environments.
According to the study, not all people react the same to music, so there are cases in which it can affect the opposite direction. Some people are not more productive in an environment where music is playing. Age seems to also influence the performance and motivation of the worker, with the youngest being the ones who improve the most when there is music while they perform a task, while it has less impact on the oldest.
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On the other hand, not all jobs are the same, and they cannot be extended to any profession or any task. For example, people who work in certain risky professions should not listen to music at work. They also need to be concentrated and have their ears at full capacity to avoid accidents.
An exercise that can be valuable is to put music as an environmental element, prior selection, consultation with the workgroups, and testing its results in some productivity indicators. Later a satisfaction questionnaire after its implementation can be useful.