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Ultimately what you need is cleaner air at home. However, can air duct cleaning really provide you cleaner air at home? Or is duct cleaning just a waste of cash? We will tell you exactly why not offer duct cleaning services to consumers either and why many do not offer such services.
The first thing that needs to be understood is that a homeowner has two options when it comes to cleaning their air filters. The first option is to clean the filters themselves. While this may seem like a good idea it just isn’t very practical. Not only is it labor intensive but it is expensive since filters cost about $4.00 per month. For the most part homeowners will end up throwing away their filters after using them for a month or so.
Another drawback is that homeowners don’t have the ability to clean the ducts that lead to their air filters. The reason for this is that the air filters themselves are pretty much impossible to clean without making some modifications to the furnace itself. This makes duct cleaning services impractical for homeowners who want to maintain clean air in their homes.
There is one company that offers air duct cleaning services Arvada, CO that homeowners won’t find at your local hardware store. That company is called stanley steemer. They have been in business since they opened in 2021 and have received lots of great reviews from consumers like you and me. If you were to take a closer look at the products stanley steemer offers you would probably be amazed at just how good their products actually are.
The reason why this company’s air duct cleaning services are so effective is because they’re made using only the highest quality materials. They use only high quality vinyl which is able to hold up to a lot of wear and tear. They also use special tools and techniques that ensure your air duct system is cleaned safely and completely without destroying any of the duct work. After an inspection, the company will then make the necessary modifications to your vent to make it safe again. This ensures you’ll get years of use out of your vent system without any problems.
Although the stanley steemer company offers commercial air duct cleaning services, homeowners are still going to need to deal with certain elements on their own. For instance, you’re going to have to deal with mold if you have an existing mold issue. In order to completely get rid of mold, you’re going to need to build-up a protective layer inside the walls. This can be done using either borate coating or paint. These two ingredients are applied to the wall and left to dry, which then seals them from future build-ups.